Mobilising children for the Kingdom

Kingfisher provides online training in mobilising children for the Kingdom. Although face to face meetings are always better in terms of disciple making relationships,  the capabilities of e-learning often makes it a useful alternative. Kingfisher will do online training for selected groups of leaders who are not otherwise available.

What you can expect:E-Learning-Assistant-Desk-and-Laptop-3

  • The training will take place over a time span of eight to ten weeks and you should budget a solid hour of working daily in order to be able to complete the theoretical aspects of the course.
  • The outcomes of each course will be determined by submitted assignments, practical planning for application afterwards as well as the interaction and discussion between participants.
  • Coaching and mentoring will continue afterwards if desired by email, Skype or discussion group participation.
  • It is of vital importance that you should have regular internet available. You should also have Skype or Google Hangout as personal discussion is of vital importance. Our experience is that without fail was that everyone who did not complete the course, could not keep up because of difficulties in personal scheduling or internet access.

The cost? In terms of obedience to the Lord, it may cost quite a lot, but in terms of money it will be priceless and free.


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