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To make disciples we need to follow Jesus in His footstepsfollow me

“Disciple making” is the buzzword in the body of Christ for the last few years. This is nothing new. Looking at church history it is clear that every time the church found herself in trouble there was an emphasis on discipleship. Whenever Christian leaders observe a waning in the faith commitment of believers, they assume that the antidote is “discipleship” as a method and program. According to Jesus’ last words this is the right way to go, but most of the time we come up short to what Jesus really intended.

If you ask Christian leaders today what they understand under the term ‘disciple making’, the answers reveal this sad truth. Many think it to be a program or Bible School to run in the faith community to equip young believers to become mature. Others think it’s about evangelism – to convert unbelievers to Jesus Christ. No, no! Disciple making is much more than just saving souls or taking people through a course, study or teaching or even teaching people a set of believes/doctrines of a specific denomination.

So what is disciple making then? For many years now, Kingfisher is discovering and studying this topic. Our discoveries are many times complimented by other brothers or sisters who wrote a book or article on disciple making. The danger always exists that we have much to say in theory but lack in practice in our personal lives or don’t help people to practice this lifestyle in a simple way.

A while ago two friends (Pieter and Peter) and I tried a different approach in our quest to unveil disciple making for ourselves and really make it practical. We worked through the book of Matthew and ask the Holy Spirit to speak into our hearts regarding the burden we share about disciple making. It was the most wonderful time together in our Father’s presence and that which we discovered are more or less the contents I am going to share on this page.

Jesus’ call on his disciples is to make disciples – like he did. To make disciples we need to follow Jesus in His footsteps. We follow Him by living with a Kingdom vision; living within intentional relationships and adopting His way of explaining a demonstrated transformative lifestyle (heal and teach). In our follow we become more and more like Jesus when we do what Jesus asked us to do (obey).

When we prayerfully and intentionally journey with people because God and we love them, when we address people’s needs, we transform this world into a better place as a sign of the Kingdom breaking through – then we create space where disciples are being made. In this following we are being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, becoming more dependent on Father, becoming more humble and serve like Jesus did.

Because disciple making is a lifestyle and not a study, the journey on this blog certainly has its limitations and can only contribute to the body of Christ if obediently put into practice.