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Building on sand, building on rock!

Dear Kingfisher family, Kingfisher redirects the body of Christ towards a disciple-making lifestyle in all spheres of life. These words come from our vision statement or dream that you can find on our web site. We use various tools to … Continue reading

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Bridging the gap between Sunday service and real life

Dear Kingfisher family, After Sunday morning service Roger Perkins from Higher Ground Foundation posted on FaceBook a few paragraphs that express my experience as well as that of many others. 19 May 2019  It occurred to me during our excellent church … Continue reading

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Mobilising faith communities and believers towards Kingdom Transformation

Within the Kingfisher family we look at the whole of our ministry through Kingdom coloured glasses. We are activists discipling the body of Christ towards a practical Kingdom lifestyle that will transform not only their own lives, but that of … Continue reading

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Free downloads

We have been requested to gather the blogs from the Following Jesus through Matthew series in a booklet. You may download the workbook for free as well as a guide giving advice how to use the material in a small … Continue reading

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Discipling mobilisers

A decade and a half ago Kingfisher was established to mobilise the body of Christ towards action in a broken world. Our vision developed to be instruments in establishing God’s kingdom through disciple making, resulting in real transformational change in … Continue reading

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24. Does it work?

The questions we very often get are: “Does it work? Does disciple making like Jesus did actually bring results?”  And the answer is: Yes it works! Slowly but surely people start to follow Jesus and eventually begin to disciple others. … Continue reading

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23. Back to a beginning!

We have come full circle. Jesus called his disciples with the words: “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”  Then he did exactly that and taught them, influenced, them shaped and sometimes scolded them. He made … Continue reading

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22. The fifth checkpoint

The fifth checkpoint is to identify so much with Jesus that you are willing to follow him up to the cross, into death and eventually would rise with him in his resurrection.  According to available evidence the young men all … Continue reading

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21. Kingdom transformation for spiritual leaders

As time was running out and the cross started to loom ahead, Jesus’ prophetic approach became stronger and stronger. He deliberately started to confront the spiritual leaders of is time, the Pharisees with whom he had much in common in … Continue reading

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20. Like Jesus: Love as a verb

Every Jew in Jesus time recited the Shema, (named  so after the first word of the text in Hebrew) often more than once a day as we find it in Deuteronomy :” Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the … Continue reading

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19. Passion instead of ambition?

Upside down again? Jesus did not have any ambition to become the king of Israel, although many of his followers thought that he would be the perfect candidate to call the nation to arms, chase the Romans into the sea … Continue reading

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18. Kingdom culture

You will remember that the issue of relationships was the very first on the agenda when Jesus started to disciple his group: the brother, the irritating person, the marriage partner and even the enemy. In this passage Jesus took his … Continue reading

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17. Fourth checkpoint

At the fourth checkpoint the focus shifted to Jesus ‘identity as the son of the Father in heaven. Peter already had some insight in his rabbi’s identity in Matthew 16:13-20. Jesus announced his coming death and resurrection and just after … Continue reading

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16. Impact

How do you make a positive contribution in the community where you live or work? Background: You will have to use your imagination again. Parables work much more than a picture that is painted than a mathematical formula that can … Continue reading

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15. Tradition!

Jesus stated repeatedly that he did not come to destroy the Torah, but to live it to its fullest. In this section of the journey, as the level of intensity rises, Jesus comes into confrontation with hypocrites who want to … Continue reading

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14. Hear and understand

How does anyone grow towards bearing fruit? It has much to do with how you listen and what happens afterwards. Jesus told a parable that illustrates this. Read Matthew 13:1-23 Read verse 1 to 9 carefully and slowly. Use your … Continue reading

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13.   Lifestyle

How does a disciple making lifestyle look like? There should be fruit! This is what you should expect happening in your own walk following Jesus by now. As you follow him, you are becoming like him in many ways and … Continue reading

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12. The third checkpoint

Jesus did not invite his disciples to come and follow him only once. With every new phase of the journey they had another opportunity to count the cost and decide whether they still would like to follow him. Now that … Continue reading

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11.The test run

Jesus concluded the first phase with his disciples with a test run. For the very first time he called them “apostles”, sent ones, emissaries. They are not only followers anymore; they are now themselves going out to minister. And Jesus … Continue reading

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10. Do as Jesus did

How do you learn to do as Jesus did? How do you learn how to do it within your own context, culture and even neighbourhood? There is only one way: Read what Jesus did with open ears and open eyes … Continue reading

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9. Become like Jesus

Can we become like Jesus? This is a very uncomfortable question, because the standard is set very high. Except for the effect of sin, when it comes to Jesus’ relationship to his Father, his way of thinking and acting in … Continue reading

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8. Money?

The right attitude towards money is very important in the Kingdom of God.  Matthew groups three short parables together to unpack the money issue so that disciples can follow in the footsteps of Jesus. People are very often uncomfortable with … Continue reading

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7. When you pray

As long as you do not think about it, prayer can be uncomplicated. It is easy to pray if you are in trouble. It is easy to talk to God in your thoughts. It is even possible to sit somewhere … Continue reading

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6. Making disciples like Jesus: Difficult people

The very first subject that Jesus covered with his disciples was about relationships. He did not start with high theology or basic doctrine. That would come much later. He started with relationships like: A brother – someone close to you, … Continue reading

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5. Making disciples like Jesus: Upside down!

Read Matt: 5:1-16 This passage is well known as the beatitudes, the one portion of Jesus’ teaching that people from different backgrounds and even religions regard as more than exceptional, brilliant and an example that every human being should follow. … Continue reading

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4. Making disicples like Jesus: What is a disciple?

A disciple is someone who follows a rabbi, becomes like his rabbi and begins to do what his rabbi is doing. A rabbi taught through example, through exposing his disciples to real life situations by the way he interacted with other … Continue reading

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3. Making disciples like Jesus: The big picture

-In the footsteps of Jesus according to Matthew- Picture a bookshelf. Imagine that the theme of the Kingdom of God covers a whole shelf. The gospel of Matthew is one of the books on this shelf and fits into this … Continue reading

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2. Making disciples like Jesus: Intro

-In the footsteps of Jesus according to Matthew- What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?  How do you become a disciple? Are all believers disciples? Are there still disciples today? These were the question that three of … Continue reading

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1. Making disciples like Jesus

Oh, if we could only make disciples like Jesus! Then we would have a Kingdom impact on our communities.  But wait a moment… we should be able to do that. Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28 to make disciples just … Continue reading

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More than a movement…

Disciples are never lone rangers – they are part of a discipling community. After an operation last week I experienced how the risen Lord activated this community over at least three continents (thanks to electronic communication) to pray for me, … Continue reading

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Preconditions for disciple-making?

Are there any preconditions to disciple-making, certain events or conditions that should be in place before a disciple-making movement will start? Historically speaking there were of course some preconditions for the movement that Jesus started – Revelation since before the … Continue reading

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The church, the war in eastern Ukraine and reconciliation.

While living in Ukraine just a few hours by car from a devastating war that touches everybody, I have been thinking about the role the church should have in reconciliation. Of course in South Africa we went through the same … Continue reading

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Testimony from India

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We call ourselves mobilisers

We call ourselves mobilisers. Very often the term falls strangely on the ear and we have to explain to others that we have the calling to get the body of Christ to move so that God’s purposes will actually come … Continue reading

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Mobilising as an intervention in the life of a faith community.

A faith community has a history before a Kingdom mobilizer gets involved, and long after we are forgotten they may still be effective and obedient in doing what the Lord called them for. Therefore it is important to determine the … Continue reading

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Teamwork for everyone

Eph 4:7-12 But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it. This is why it says: “When he ascended on high, he led captives in his train and gave gifts to men.” …. It was … Continue reading

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The outcomes of disciple-making

Mat 28:18-20 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the … Continue reading

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