Disciple making bombshells

1) All the nations will only become discipled if all the believers start discipling the unbelievers.

2) Each group of believers or congregation has the potential to disciple all the nations. They just don’t think like that about themselves.

3) The end product of disciple making is people who live like Jesus.

4) The key elements of disciple making are as follows:

  • Accountability towards one another (group)
  • Abiding in the WORD (obedience)
  • LOVE for one another
  • WITNESSING towards others

5) The focus of believers should be to disciple unbelievers. Believers are only discipled by going out and discipling unbelievers.

6) Disciple making is not about the transfer of information, but about the transformation of lives. Disciple making has no meaning if people do not live what they talk.

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