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Disciple making is a lifestyle without end – it is not about a series of courses

Disciple making is in essence about lifestyle. It is something you are going to work on for the rest of your life and there is never going to be a perfect end. The essence of a lifestyle is also not … Continue reading

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Preaching the correct doctrine alone does not generate disciples who make disciples

The only place of freedom in the universe is the voice of the Father. No human instruction, course, teaching or preaching can set you free. Preaching is secondhand revelation to the hearers thereof and it will only bring freedom if … Continue reading

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Discipleship is about desire, willingness, discovery, discussion and application – not lectures in classrooms

The willingness, receptivity, desire and openness of a person to be discipled, are the greatest factors which will determine whether it is going to be successful. You cannot disciple adults against their will in spiritual or other matters. A disciple is … Continue reading

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