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Discipling mobilisers

A decade and a half ago Kingfisher was established to mobilise the body of Christ towards action in a broken world. Our vision developed to be instruments in establishing God’s kingdom through disciple making, resulting in real transformational change in … Continue reading

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24. Does it work?

The questions we very often get are: “Does it work? Does disciple making like Jesus did actually bring results?”  And the answer is: Yes it works! Slowly but surely people start to follow Jesus and eventually begin to disciple others. … Continue reading

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23. Back to a beginning!

We have come full circle. Jesus called his disciples with the words: “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”  Then he did exactly that and taught them, influenced, them shaped and sometimes scolded them. He made … Continue reading

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22. The fifth checkpoint

The fifth checkpoint is to identify so much with Jesus that you are willing to follow him up to the cross, into death and eventually would rise with him in his resurrection.  According to available evidence the young men all … Continue reading

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21. Kingdom transformation for spiritual leaders

As time was running out and the cross started to loom ahead, Jesus’ prophetic approach became stronger and stronger. He deliberately started to confront the spiritual leaders of is time, the Pharisees with whom he had much in common in … Continue reading

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