19. Passion instead of ambition?

Upside down again?

Jesus did not have any ambition to become the king of Israel, although many of his followers thought that he would be the perfect candidate to call the nation to arms, chase the Romans into the sea and take up David’s throne in Jerusalem.  What Jesus did have was absolute passion to do the father’s will even if that meant that He would lay down his life. While Jesus spoke about his coming humiliation and death just before, his disciples had to learn the lesson again. Because most of them were teenagers, Mrs  Zebedee, the mother of two of them, had to learn the lesson as well!

Read Matthew 17:20-28

  1. To follow Jesus, means that everything in my life have to submit under Jesus and the will of the Father. Is there something in your life that will prevent you from following Jesus with consuming passion, even unto death if need be?
  2. Becoming like Jesus implies that I have to serve others as a slave of old would. What does that mean within our cultural context today?

Comment: In the early church there were times when it was not unusual at all that believers were expected to die for their beliefs if need be and there are many stories from history testifying to their commitment. Many were willing to die rather than denying Jesus even when they had the opportunity to go free. Today the same is happening in many countries where there is no tolerance for followers of Jesus at all.

Tell me where your passion is and I will tell you where your heart is.