18. Kingdom culture

maxresdefault (1)You will remember that the issue of relationships was the very first on the agenda when Jesus started to disciple his group: the brother, the irritating person, the marriage partner and even the enemy. In this passage Jesus took his disciples again through the same issues, but now he went much deeper. It was necessary, because a Kingdom lifestyle has a much stronger impact on outsiders than mere words.

A disciple’s life tells about his rabbi and is a witness for good or bad without any chance of hiding it.

 Read Matthew 18:1-20:16

  1. Make a list of all the categories that Jesus mentioned in this passage.
  2. Write down one sentence next to each item in the list that will help us to live a Kingdom lifestyle.
  3. Which of these addresses you personally? Be specific and tell the group. Take responsibility as a group to help each other to live like Jesus did.

This section touches many aspects of the life and conduct of a disciple. Spend time thinking and meditating on this set of passages – it may take you a few weeks before you are ready to continue. Many of these issues will only come to light if you discuss it with others. Therefore a small group o disciples travelling together through life is indispensable, just as with Jesus and his group. Even more, He himself will be present as He promised.

On a personal level: What does your lifestyle tell about who Jesus is?