17. Fourth checkpoint

At the fourth checkpoint the focus shifted to Jesus ‘identity as the son of the Father in heaven. Peter already had some insight in his rabbi’s identity in Matthew 16:13-20. Jesus announced his coming death and resurrection and just after the third checkpoint three of the disciples experience the Lord in visible glory meeting with Moses and Elijah on a mountaintop somewhere in the vicinity. At the start of the journey Jesus may have been seen by the disciples as nothing more than an exceptionally gifted Rabbi and wisdom teacher. With the cross looming ahead this picture had to shift.

Read Matthew 16:13-17:13

  1. Who do you think Jesus was? In which ways did your understanding of Jesus as a person shift since the beginning of the journey?
  2. For us who cannot follow Jesus physically as the disciples could, it is very important to think long and hard about what it means to follow Jesus by faith. What does it mean? How do we follow him without seeing him? Speak out to one another.