13.   Lifestyle

How does a disciple making lifestyle look like? There should be fruit! This is what you should expect happening in your own walk following Jesus by now. As you follow him, you are becoming like him in many ways and you even started doing some of the things he did.

 Read Matthew 12: 33-37

  1. Page through the gospel of Matthew from where we started at the beginning up to this passage. What was the fruit of Jesus life and ministry?
  2. Page through your notes of the past weeks. Do you see some fruit in your life?
  3. In which way is the fruit in your life tied to other people experiencing something of the Kingdom breaking through in their lives?
  4. After the test run and the third checkpoint is becomes very important that you should be useful in the Kingdom of God. If you had to draw a picture on paper of a life useful in the Kingdom, how would that look like? Yes, with a pencil or crayon maybe!