11.The test run

staff_member_walking_with_asian_manJesus concluded the first phase with his disciples with a test run. For the very first time he called them “apostles”, sent ones, emissaries. They are not only followers anymore; they are now themselves going out to minister. And Jesus would not be with them physically present. What they saw and heard they would have to imitate.

Courage! Risk!

So here, we have a few questions to kick off the conversation. Remember that through his Spirit, Jesus could take you much further than these questions.

Read Matthew 10:1-10:33. Read again Matthew 4: 23-25

  1. What authority did the disciples receive to minister?
  2. What strategy for ministry did they receive? What are the implications?
  3. What is the connection between what Jesus came to do and the instructions they received?
  4. Take the above in consideration. Jesus sends you as a small group on a test run. Plan and do! Next time you will have to report back.