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15. Tradition!

Jesus stated repeatedly that he did not come to destroy the Torah, but to live it to its fullest. In this section of the journey, as the level of intensity rises, Jesus comes into confrontation with hypocrites who want to … Continue reading

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14. Hear and understand

How does anyone grow towards bearing fruit? It has much to do with how you listen and what happens afterwards. Jesus told a parable that illustrates this. Read Matthew 13:1-23 Read verse 1 to 9 carefully and slowly. Use your … Continue reading

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13.   Lifestyle

How does a disciple making lifestyle look like? There should be fruit! This is what you should expect happening in your own walk following Jesus by now. As you follow him, you are becoming like him in many ways and … Continue reading

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12. The third checkpoint

Jesus did not invite his disciples to come and follow him only once. With every new phase of the journey they had another opportunity to count the cost and decide whether they still would like to follow him. Now that … Continue reading

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11.The test run

Jesus concluded the first phase with his disciples with a test run. For the very first time he called them “apostles”, sent ones, emissaries. They are not only followers anymore; they are now themselves going out to minister. And Jesus … Continue reading

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