2. Making disciples like Jesus: Intro

-In the footsteps of Jesus according to Matthew-Picture1

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?  How do you become a disciple? Are all believers disciples? Are there still disciples today?

These were the question that three of us, all in active ministry, were thinking about.

So we decided to read through the gospel of Matthew with the Bible in the one hand and all material about disciple making in the Time of Jesus that we could lay our hands on in the other.

We wanted to take Scripture seriously, but also the context against which Matthew paints the picture of Jesus and his disciples.

We did not only receive answers to the questions above, but we experienced in a practical way what it meant to follow Jesus, and eventually how to became disciple maker.

With this guide, we invite you to follow Jesus through the gospel of Matthew by reading the text and obeying Jesus in what he taught and demonstrated.

But right now, we invite you to follow the way…


This is a guide that may help you to be discipled by Jesus himself. We included just enough background information for you to start thinking. And there are now right or wrong answers – the questions will help you to take the next step following Jesus.

Some guidelines that may help:

  • This is a spiritual journey that works best if others are walking the trail with you. Being a disciple of Jesus should be as part of a small group of some kind. This is how Jesus disciple the twelve and it is still the best way to follow him.
  • Be accountable to each other. If the Lord shoed you something, do not keep it for yourself, but share it in the group. Help each other to hear what the Lord is saying but also to do what he says.
  • Do not continue to the next topic before you received something meaningful from the present one.
  • Keep a journal of what happened on this journey, writing down what you received, what your response was as well as question that the group may help to answer. Write about success as well as failure – both are equally valuable!
  • The questions for discussion are intended only to begin a conversation. Do not be satisfied with quick and ready answers. Think deeper.
  • Take the gospel of Matthew serious as it presents itself. Although we have more information from other gospels as well as Acts and the letters, the author of this gospel intended his work to be able to speak for itself.
  • Take time to read through the whole of the gospel of Matthew on your own, including the passages that we did not select.  A Gospel is more like a novel that you read from start to finish than a dictionary or recipe book where you can dip into the contents any place.Enjoy!

….next up: The big Picture: Matthew 4.