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6. Making disciples like Jesus: Difficult people

The very first subject that Jesus covered with his disciples was about relationships. He did not start with high theology or basic doctrine. That would come much later. He started with relationships like: A brother – someone close to you, … Continue reading

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5. Making disciples like Jesus: Upside down!

Read Matt: 5:1-16 This passage is well known as the beatitudes, the one portion of Jesus’ teaching that people from different backgrounds and even religions regard as more than exceptional, brilliant and an example that every human being should follow. … Continue reading

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4. Making disicples like Jesus: What is a disciple?

A disciple is someone who follows a rabbi, becomes like his rabbi and begins to do what his rabbi is doing. A rabbi taught through example, through exposing his disciples to real life situations by the way he interacted with other … Continue reading

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3. Making disciples like Jesus: The big picture

-In the footsteps of Jesus according to Matthew- Picture a bookshelf. Imagine that the theme of the Kingdom of God covers a whole shelf. The gospel of Matthew is one of the books on this shelf and fits into this … Continue reading

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2. Making disciples like Jesus: Intro

-In the footsteps of Jesus according to Matthew- What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?  How do you become a disciple? Are all believers disciples? Are there still disciples today? These were the question that three of … Continue reading

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1. Making disciples like Jesus

Oh, if we could only make disciples like Jesus! Then we would have a Kingdom impact on our communities.  But wait a moment… we should be able to do that. Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28 to make disciples just … Continue reading

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