Imitation and our struggle

“Jesus asked his disciples to imitate His life. That was His process. It was how He passed on the DNA.” (Mike Breen)

We want to mobilise people to make the Kingdom of God a reality, people praying for the coming of the Kingdom, addressing the need in the world, transforming all spheres of life and living as disciple makers. To mobilise effectively we should study the way Jesus made the Kingdom a reality and started His Kingdom movement. We must learn to follow His lead.

Let us journey together and discover by following this link: Mike Breen: Why we don’t disciple like Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Imitation and our struggle

  1. All of us have people we look up to as role models of Jesus, but sometimes we are not aware of how many people look up to us as role models of Jesus. Be aware of this in each relationship on any level you might be functioning in life. May Jesus’ approach become our natural way of living!

  2. Although there is structure and method in Jesus’ approach, He worked on grassroots level with ordinary people in such a way that multiplication was a natural outcome, raising the result to the dynamics of a movement. Oh, how I desire to be able to work in the same way!

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