What we do

We are passionate about the way Jesus made disciples! We believe that:

  • we can follow Jesus as he made disciples, by reading the gospel of Matthew against the background of culture and customs.
  • we can follow him in the process of disciple making, the methods he used and the experiences he provided
  • we can follow him step by step from the calling of the disciples to the great commission.
  • and then we can obey by doing the same!

Therefore we equip and mentor others to the same.

We are mobilisers and Kingdom activists. We believe this is the very best way to be part of what God is doing all over the world right now. Well discipled followers of Jesus wil follow him into changing the world as the Kingdom breaks through.

Our Strategy is simple:

  • we ourselves make disciples of Jesus the way He did
  • we train others to use the Bible as primary tool to do exactly the same
  • we identify those who, like us, have the calling to teach and mentor others in the way of the Lord.